17 years young, meeting an older family friend at a fancy hotel he was staying at. Him opening the door, holding the door, holding a piece of double chocolate devils food cake, sporting a new YMCA style goatee. As we quickly undressed he said to me his favorite set partner would be Ruby Wax. “She would probably be all kinds of crazy, freaky, nasty, teaching me a lesson.” At this moment in time i regretted my wardrobe choices.

Trying to think of an excuse plan to explain my sudden departure he started weeping. Zipping back up, buttoning the unbuttoned, i asked if there was something i could help him with, he explained to me his 2nd Ferrari was in the shop and it didn’t look like he would be reunited with his one true love. I left and texted him dreams are meant to stay dreams.

(en hier duikt Ruby in de koffer met Madonna)

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