Maandelijks archief: april 2014

(your cauliflower will never be the same again)

We have another price to win!

It’s an original 40x50cm green oil painting of a bald vagina by one of our sponsors in collaboration with a photographer. We will take it with us to art house cinema cafe Kriterion, Roetersstraat 170, Amsterdam (where we did the summer party called Femathon). We’ll be talking about a new feminist movie together with Mail & Female’s Love Academy (while you’re writing down or drawing your handwritten Best Worst Sex Story).  If you can’t attend, email us a picture of your text.

A new movie has been made referring to the book Feuchtgebiete (Vochtige Streken) (Wetlands), by Charlotte Roche.

A book cover with a real band aid on it and surely to be considered as Worst Sex Stories (your cauliflower will never be the same again). We will be very curious if the movie is interpreted well, since the book is written by a woman about a girl and the movie and scenario are made by adult men. Will they succeed in showing a female’s point of view? That is something we like to see.

Please come and share our excitement, Tuesday, april 8th at 21.00. Also, you can ask for free movie tickets at After the viewing, at a time to be announced, the collected stories and other images will be exhibited in the workshop space [] of the love academy, Nieuwe Vijzelstraat 2, Amsterdam. The stories will be presented anonymously. The winner can fetch the painting after the expo.

And remember, your support will benefit our cause: improvement of sexual education and love for all (young folks).