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Love Yoga


( thank you, lovely customer! for this sweet story. a good discount on a beautiful garment from the shop was given. now, readers, if you also want a discount on a piece, please make sure it is A Best Worst Sex Story. )

Whilst taking a course in Ayurveda-yoga in in India, I dedicated more time to deepen my yoga practice and established a magical and serene way of life that would touch the undiscovered layers of my body. I followed a couple of classes but was looking forward the private training I would receive today.

It was a hot day. I lied down on my yoga mat to start breathing deeply in order to connect with myself. I could hear Yogi Jois Swabi whispering: “ Close your eyes, relax and let your self sink down into the mat. Feel the touch of the mat, feel the pillows surrounding your neck, and feel the touch of your breath.”

His voice sounded soft but dominant at the same time so that I easily let myself guide trough his practice.

He asked me to open my legs in butterfly position, knees resting on the ground. “Be open for receiving”, he said.  I started breathing deeply and feeling the energy streaming trough my body as if I was getting excited the deeper and deeper I sunk into the mat and pillows.

I could hear his food steps coming closer towards me. In the next moment he was standing in front of me, going down on his knees grabbing mine and pressing them towards the floor. “Do not forget to breathe”, he said. And I fully let my self-go with his practice, enjoying the little stretch whilst he was pushing me lower into the mat. I could feel his breath on my skin and his warm hands resting on my knees. Once he could not sink any deeper, he started rubbing his cock on my front side while holding me back so that I was unable to escape.  I enjoyed the sensation of full desire with my eyes still closed and started moving my hips up and down. I moaned as he continued and started licking my nipples trough my sweaty shirt.  I wanted more which he noticed and started to suck them harder and harder.  I  let him pull my pans down and enjoyed his kisses going downwards my belly towards pussy.  Once he releases my hands, I started lowering his pans and touched his hard dick. I wanted to feel it inside of me.