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Best Worst Sex Story for not‐that‐sexy from our feminist Berlin friend 


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All I was looking for were some photos. We’ve done this before.   Not too long ago, but it’s still been a while since we last met. Like the other time, I didn’t think this was going to happen for real, till it finally came true. He’s been organising the perfect location for a photo session I had in mind, to work on my ongoing project. As far as I remember I’ve been rather serious and a bit curious about the reunion, while he seemed to be all delighted and quite relaxed to see me again. I wasn’t, because I couldn’t think of anything nice that would possibly result in our meet‐up. Nevertheless I immediately fell in love with the space, where we were going to spend the next couples of ours together, trying to get somehow productive. Therefore I found a way to calm down and to focus on the one thing I came for this afternoon ‐ my photography of a nude male man. Even it wasn’t the first time for me and for him – and for the two of us together – we still struggled a little bit melting the ice at the beginning. 

I knew he was somehow a clown and always needs to fool around, making fun of a situation first, before this could get any more profound. But I wasn’t looking for funny pictures, I wanted to realize some honest and usable nudes. While he got used to the moment being naked in front of a woman, soon – I got used to my camera equipment and we merely started a conversation. I had to replace my tripod quite a few times, before I felt satisfied with the spot. It went darker outside and we had to switch on some bare light bulbs, hanging from walls. Suddenly, we’ve surely been trying around for a while now, the entire mood of our “togetherness” changed into some lightweight, easy‐going game. Perhaps of the music he turned on, or just because we did a similar thing already. I cannot clearly explain. I’ve been shooting some nice Black & Whites of him, solo acting in front of my lens. But I wanted more. Something I couldn’t define was missing. I undressed the very minute and we both finally stood naked against a cold wall, looking at the camera, looking at us. This was new. A moment, when you can’t tell what’s going to happen next. I grabbed my remote trigger while he grabbed my arm. *click* The first spontaneous image of the two of us nude together caught on camera. We moved to the music, but I rather moved along his demanding body language. He was pushing and pulling me gently into any imaginary position. He surely was the leader of this play. *click* A second shot was taken, *click* and another one followed shortly. To me it felt a lot like all I had was my remote release, while all he had was my body. I had no control over this, I could barely control my photos, but I couldn’t care less. I trusted into the moment and knew this was all going to be fine, somehow. It’s been a certain magic in the air. I fully enjoyed the soft touches of his body on mine. It must have looked a lot like we were dancing. We didn’t spoke a word anymore. I felt all sweaty and hot, although we were fully undressed. Strangely tangled, we sank to the ground together. I found myself lying on his back. I dropped my remote and the camera no longer was involved into the following intermezzo. He touched my inner leg and turned around. Our eyes never met, we were too busy with our bodies. I stroke his wet armpit all down the muscles on his torso. His legs were against mine and I saw the glans of his penis erected. I wanted to massage it. Suddenly he moved upwards and went into a dark corner of the room, returning with a yoga mat in his hands and a condom on his cock.   “Should make it all more comfortable!” he said smirking at me. I did not contradict or complain. All I wanted was him touching me again. He placed the mat next to me and I found myself on it the very second. I did ask him if anybody was going to catch a sight of what we were doing, because this room had some large wide windows without any shades and we still had the lights on. “Probably … certainly!” was what he mumbled, when I saw the reflection of our bodies against the dark background of the night sky inside the window glass. He put his hands on my thighs and started kissing my breasts. When he started sucking my nipple, the heat of my body exploded. I was all wet, I could feel it dripping between my legs down my bum. I shivered and cramped a little bit. He was gently uplifting me to put me right back on my knees. He wanted a Doggy. Now I was happy to feel the softness of the pad underneath my bones. My arms were folded across my head. I closed my eyes. First his fingers slowly swirled around my labia. When the grasp of his hands got harder on my ass he took hold of his shaft to penetrate my vagina. All was going so very easy. I waited for this moment so hard like I’ve been holding my breath.  When his dick moved inside me, the tingling in my belly and my chest went lower. He moved faster back and forward standing on one of his own knees, while his other leg were placed sturdy to fix the fuck. Eyes still closed I enjoyed the movement his body was doing to mine. I had to touch my nipple to push my heat a little bit. I imagined him fucking me. I could hear every single noise around us. He started moaning quietly, when his cock moved harder in and out of my swollen pussy. It went a little heavier, I had to hold onto the mat and folded my fingers around its edge to keep the pressure going. His voice was now soundly. It was turning me on. I knew he came this moment, but he didn’t stop or slow down after his relief. He just kept on fucking me. His cock was all hard and still ready for a next bang. I felt his hands moving upwards from my ass to my back and if this were a fantasy I would have wanted him to touch my tits and to stroke and caress me a little more, but soon his hands were tight around my ass again and his cock ramming me.  Until he cum for the second time. Nevertheless, this has been all over quickly. When he finished, he let go of me promptly and I turned around. I looked into a happy face with the exact same childish expression he was doing to fool around like a clown before getting undressed for my camera. He removed the sperm‐filled rubber of his penis and swung it around above his head like a cowboy does with a loop. I was all speechless and felt a bit insecure and baffled but overall I was exhausted from the lasting torture head upside‐down on my knees. He turned back at me. He was still all interested in making me orgasm. He said he was sorry, this ended so rapidly. I kind of went curious how he was going to bring it back on. He bent over my lower body and showed me his hand with a wink of an eye. Harshly he started penetrating my hole with two of his fingers. I was inhaling heavily. I probably would have told him he better should penetrate my clit first to make me feel anything again, but my body reacted to his rough touching in a strange way, unknown to myself. I couldn’t breathe steadily. I had tears in my eyes and my mouth was open wide. No chance for me to close it. It felt a lot like a spasm in my entire face. I was so embarrassed about this situation.  As if I had a big super‐sized dick in my mouth. “You hyperventilate!” he said and instantly placed his hand on my belly. He wanted me to feel the pressure of his hand and to breathe slowly and deeply against it with my entire body. It worked. I felt my lung volume returning and I was able to shut my mouth. After the “first aid”, the heat and pleasure moment between us was entirely gone. Ironically enough, this kind of has been my relief that night. We never met again, but I still got the photos. They turned out to be the true climax, instead of the sex.  


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