bij slechte seks begint een goed verhaal

schrijf uw best worst sex story en beding uw eigen korting in de shop!

Soon! a new gallery…

Write a best worst sex anecdote and determine your own discount in the shop!

For now, buy online:



What can you find in our space?

Among other things we respect art, clothing and our earth. We like slow fashion, recycling and we feel that vintage specials make you happy!

For buyers: 

– prices at us are relative. we never have sale but we do reduce our prices once in a while. as metioned before, customers can get a discount for a short (awkward sex) story. ‘cause we love literature and literature is worthy.

– some unique screen prints (made by us) can be ordered on demand. we have sewing machines so you can order our multifunctional oversized tunics. our specialty is silk painting. we’d love to do that for you (we use Italian eco silk). we like to write.

– if we are not making, printing or painting anything ourselves, we buy stuff. we have a keen eye for fabric, origin and use. not sure if something is right for your body? we’ll tell you. like us to search for a special item? can do for you.

– we love our customers! you must know our profit goes to sexual education for girls (and boys). want to know more about this project? please contact us: boeknotthatsexy [at]


For sellers:

– yes, you can bring your own stuff! in the shop we can look at your clothing and see if it needs repair (can do), painting, washing, printing, cutting or just selling. we share the profit, depending on the amount of work you’ve done and we have to do.

– occasionally i like to sell contemporary, new stuff. please look at the conditions: is it made with friendly and local material? Does it hint to the subjects and motives NotThatSexy likes?

– sometimes we swap. you know what we like. you can also be very nice and give your items to us. you know what our aim is as written above (female empowerment).

– are you an artist, writer, musician or designer? contact us for exhibitions!



a few of the items that were sold (vintage and made on demand)

anniki karvinen10bib6

vestonCHECKflock7V8T 2fK 1fK 2cT 3bkopersjaal2Mouth Bomb2Pierre Cardin6polo ralph lauren trui4review9silk tubeV2
5T 1ajacketgaultier meshets3vakko

cheap&chic8DAY en velvet 1gokiBopenbody4GridNTS8NTS10

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