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sextet (in english)

Party with six – in balance, you would think … 3 girls, 3 boys. But the first imbalance was that I fell for 2 boys. The muscular of the 3 I put aside. Uncomfortably, my other 2 friends had the same preference.
When the chance came up, I kissed the funny one and immediately afterwards out of a sort of guilt and to break an oppressive monogamy  I kissed the other “low profile” boy. Breaking open succeded because an exciting, weird, horny orgy followed …
Thus so far the “Hallelujah” mood changed when “the sportsman” got up, looked at himself in the mirror and wondered aloud why no one wanted to be fucked by him. We were still in our sexual flow, he got busy with the light switch and every 5 minutes he asked us if we were finished. he changed into his running gear to show us he obviously was ready to go for a jog.
Super embarrassing and not conducive to the erotic orgy in bed. To get dressed was the only option, uncomfortable like  schoolchildren being caught.
On top of this discomfort, we were kindly urged to take out the trash …

read the Dutch original story here. We have painted the story in our own words on a beautiful handmade silk dress! Though the stories are translated we keep them authentic with misspellings.

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