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sticker NTS (card story translated instantly by google translate. W0w)  My sister was in The Netherlands and we danced in Paradiso.
Outside on the Leidseplein, I saw that I had missed the last tram to Central Station. I hailed a taxi.
Because I drank a lot of wine and wore leather pants, the driver put his hand on my leg when I had just boarded. I turned my head and saw a very erroneous night before me.
I said “To the station first.”
There was police. “You can not stand here”, they said.
“How much does it cost to Utrecht, where I live?” I said. “That is not what the taxi actually does.” But he raced off.
On the way I asked him to stop in a parking lot so I could suck him. His cock looked like a curved dagger, I had already seen on Moroccan men. Anyway, after a minute, I said he could drive through.
After a cowardly act in my bed, he took out his wallet. Out came the pictures of his children. Two precious of 3 and 4. He was married and 22 years old. Did he cry? I do not remember.
I ended up paying him. But it was not quite enough for the taxi.


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