New a shop a hang out!

A perfect and almost permanent location; NotThatSexy will move into famous feminist sex shop Mail & Female, Nieuwe Vijzelstraat 2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

See us in the back/ the second part (we have our own door!) of the shop on Saturdays & Sundays. The Openingparty is on Saturday, February 14 (Valentine’s day) 2015. Secretly we’re also celebrating the advent of the Year of the Goat.

The core of NotThatSexyBoutique is (vintage) clothing & erotic prints by Riekje. Customers get the chance to determine their own discount when they write an embarrassing sex anecdote, right there, on the spot! 

L’officiel opening is at 12.00, drinks will be served from 2.00, dildocompany Je Joue, will have a toast with us at 3.30 and will give away their own kind of discounts. Get yourself a good vibrator because you probably won’t get a g-spot orgasm with your boyfriends penis or watching 50 Shades of Clay (get a handmade dildo here).

Mail & Female will promote their natural latex clothing and we will end the day with a special performance of artist Maartje Smits. She will read awkward sex at 5.30; one of the first great stories of the NotThatSexy story archive was written by Rutger Lemm, who now published that story among others of his grand failures into a book.

Please have fun with us! Preview the shop here. Stay updated for more stories here and for ventages to come.

P.s. we don’t have a pin machine yet, so get your bank- or Paypal-app!NTS6




 flyer: esther walter

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